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Dam Maintenance

Kamuzu Dam — Lilongwe, Malawi

Client: Malawi Water Board  Consulting Engineer: Sogreah France

Scope of Work
  • A mobile dive unit was deployed by road to Lilongwe Malawi to survey the Kamuzu Dam, in order to evaluate the construction techniques used as well as possible maintenance and repair methods.
  • A depth survey and visual inspection of the scour area and toe was taken in order to determine the extent of erosion.
  • The pump house gallery had been flooded and an underwater survey of the valve chamber was required.
  • The upstream wall was surveyed for cracking, silting and condition of trash racks.
  • Divers remained in constant communication with the surveyor/supervisor on the surface, relaying depths and information on the physical condition of the structure.
  • Information acquired by this survey was posted in CAD diagrams.