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Emergency Reconstruction

Repair Quay Emergency Repairs — Cape Town

Client: National Ports Authority  Consulting Engineer: PRDW

Scope of Work
  • Task involved the demolition of a section of damaged caisson and the reconstruction thereof.
  • Primary damage was caused was caused when the oil rig's tender barge was forced down and then lifted, crushing the 12.000m x 4.000m x 0.500m reinforced concrete beam.
  • The fragmented concrete had to be entirely broken back, with the intent of preserving as much of the existing reinforcement as possible.
  • Badly damaged reinforcement was cut back using Brocco and replaced.
  • A 12m U-shaped cofferdam shutter was fitted to the remaining concrete structure and supported to hold out the water as well as to carry the 26 tons of concrete.
  • All joints in the shutter were sealed, so as to pump the shutter dry and wash the reinforcement with fresh water, before pumping concrete.