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Our People

GMC believes that the most important asset and resource in the business is his personal considering being The differentiating factor that enables the organization to remain at highly professional level in the marine industry.

Taking in to account leadership and commitment a primary element in the implementation of our quality management system so we can ensure a permanent improvement in our service delivery we therefor always ensure that only skilled personnel provides a service within a specialized environment and thus often seeks to employ individuals with unique and multi-factored skills and/or competencies.

Meet 5 of our key personnel:

Adriano GuerriniMr Adriano Guerrini: Chief Executive Officer
The founder of Guerrini Marine Construction Diving and Salvage in 1995 and Director (CEO), Adrian started off as a SA Navy diver, completed his Supervisor's commercial diving qualifications and furthered up his studies and qualify as Civil engineer.

Adrian has worked in the commercial diving industry as well as the civil area, mostly on the operational side where he realized that divers and civil engineers tend to clash. With his combined skills Adrian belied he could grasp the challenges associated with both jobs and find a way of solving issues that make sense for both the diver and the engineer.

Adrian is personally involved in all commercial diving projects involving salvage, rapid response, repairs and various marine operations.

His knowledge and first hand skills in those specialized operations have created his legacy with a flawless track record.

Rob BowerMr Rob Bower: Chief Engineer and Project Director
GMC's Chief Civil Engineer and General Manager with PR Civil Engineer under his belt, he represents the company at organizations like SAFCEC, SAICE and ECSA and is qualified as a commercial diving supervisor.

Rob is currently heading the Civil Engineering department in GMC, which originated in 1998 when the client's needs became much orientated in marine civil engineering such as excavation, foundations, reinforced concrete structures, grading, erosion control, etc. and has headed various civil projects including the construction of suspension bridges, storm sea water damage control and harbour reconstruction projects. Very field man orientated, Rob ensures that client's requirements are met at all-times especially in their engineering areas that are often inaccessible by the client.

Marc Mukinay LufukutuimbaMr Marc Mukinay Lufukutuimba: SHE-Q Manager
Dedicated SHE-Q Manager affiliated to the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) from the inland/offshore oil and Gas Industry.

Marc is actively involved in the SHE-Q side of operations and now holds the key role of SHEQ Manager.

He is presently holding a diploma in risk management, strategic risk planning, a commercial diving qualification with a NEBOSH certification under his belt. He has also qualified as an external lead auditor through DNV an IRCA approved institution in the ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 19011 principles.

Marc is responsible for the promotion of business excellence, insurance and sustainability within the organization as well as the SHE-Q implementation, monitoring, SHE-Q training, auditing, legal appointments, risk management, incident/accident investigations, SHE-Q Meetings and general matters relating to SHE-Q.

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